We start your project by asking the right questions. We want to know the type of results you want to achieve. We want to deliver high quality professional results optimized for your targeted audience.


Now that we have all the facts, we get to work. We will fully communicate the process every step of the way. We design & customize everything based on the specific needs of your business.


As soon as the results are ready, we share them with you. This is an exciting step in the design process. From this point, you can finalize the project or choose to develop it until it is exactly as you envisioned.
Your first step is to fill out our discovery form via free design quote. We will review your request and get back to you with a design path, which will include the cost and time needed to create this project. We will include a link to initiate the design process by making a payment.

A project typically sees the initial results within 1 – 2 weeks.  However, our commitment is to your time schedule.  Not everyone can respond as fast and some people need to meet deadlines, – we are here to work on your time.  Often, we capture most, if not all of what clients are looking for on the first try.  From there, intervals between revisions become shorter with each revision.

No worries, we are here to assist you until you get your desired results. Our interactive feedback allows us both the most effective approach to getting your project started. Through this process, you will have a good idea of what will work for your brand.

Yes, you get to keep all of the final files for any design you choose to finalize.

Each package will receive 8 high quality file formats (FREE. NO EXTRA CHARGE):

1. JPEG file (High resolution image file; Very compatible across different applications.)
2. PNG file (High resolution image file; Supports transparency.)
4. TIFF file (Often used for desktop publishing, printing and medical.)

You will also receive editable source file in the following formats:

5. AI file (Vector file format from Adobe illustrator program.)
6. EPS file (Vector file format; Compatible with many graphic software programs.)
7. SVG file (Vector file format; Fast loading speed. Easily match html colors.)
8. PDF file (Portable Document Format; Editable in Adobe Acrobat.)

Absolutely! Your logo will be unique and 100% ownership will be transferred to you after you receive the finalized product

Yes, we can! Please contact us with your custom request. Graphic design is all about customization and creativity. We look forward to making your vision come to life.

You’ve come to the right place. No project is to big or too small. We revise existing logos all the time and implement any type of change that you desire. We would be delighted to help you improve your existing design.

We can help.  We can help with article and page writing, images, photography and everything else that is needed to create a fully functional professional website.

Absolutely! We value your input and will communicate with you every step of the way. Some clients prefer to be more involved and some clients would rather be more hands-off. We’re more than happy to accommodate either approach.

Yes, we can! Please contact us with your custom request. Graphic design is all about customization and finding out what is the best graphic representation of your brand. We look forward to helping you bring your ideas to life.

You’ve come to the right place. We enjoy revising/updating/upgrading existing websites. While we’re at it, we utilize everything we learned to make your site up to date, fast and secure. We will also do our best to make your website ‘future proof’, meaning compatible with future technology.

Not a problem.  We offer a custom solution no matter how much or little you know about running a website. In addition, we set it so you can do basic updates if necessary.  At the same time, we are always here to help.

Yes we do.  We can design and host your website on our fast & reliable server.  We also offer site maintenance to keep your site secure and up to date.

We have several strategies to help your business grow and promote services.  S.E.O, organic reach, local listing, and lead generation. 

A lot of brands turned to social media to promote their brand.  We can help you develop your social media presence through paid and/or organic reach.

We also offer video services including animation (explainer videos), as well as professional photography.

Each marketing strategy should be based on the need and the type of results you are after.  Please schedule a free consultation and we will help you determine the best marketing path to promote your brand.

We love automation.  In fact, we believe that any task that requires repetitive action should be automated.  For example, a calendar integration for someone that schedules meetings on weekly basis can save a lot of time and headaches.  Ask us about calendar, data, and task automation for your business.

Did we mention that we love automation? 🙂 Whether you need an effective way to manage your contact list or rearrange and make sense of your data through your E-Commerce store, we can help.